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X KCMM 37th Annual Rendezvous outside Kit Carson, CO.............PDF Flyer.......... May 18th-21st, 2017

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May 16th-19th, 2013

The 2013 Rendezvous was a pretty good gathering this year.  Thank you to everyone who attended and helped this past year.  We had a good number of old faces and some folks we hadn't seen in while.  We had some new folks make the trip over from Kansas.  We were blessed with some pretty good weather, other than the big wind storm Saturday night.

Our annual summer rendezvous outside Kit Carson, CO, is the last weekend of June.  The new dates are June 25th-29th, 2014.  We are going to have a 5 day event again this year to allow time for all the activities we have planned.  There will be more shooting events and activities for both kids and adults.  Some of the activities planned are as follows:

v - Novelty shoot - It was a huge hit with the spectators & shooters attempting to hit various targets and seeing very reactive hits.  This shoot will have an extra $5.00 fee to help with the expenses of targets and prizes.

v - Shoots this year will include as always our Primitive Steel Shoot, Trail Walk Steel Shoot--both with new targets.  We will have our Shotgun Shoot which consists of shooting 20 birds.  This shoot will have an extra $5 fee to help cover the expenses of birds, loaner equipment, supplies and prizes.  Additional events as time & interest allow will be Pistol Steel, Pistol Duel, Primitive Skill Walk, Primitive Archery, Trade Gun Grudge Match & Squirrel Gun Shoot.  All the shoots will follow NMLRA range rules and the KCMM posted range rules.  Primitive patched round ball ONLY, primitive dress and fixed iron sights strongly encouraged.  Please ask if you are interested in Traditional Black Powder Muzzle Loaders and do not have equipment.  We will be more than happy to help newcomers to the sport.  If you need powder let me know as early as possible.  I will have some extra powder available to purchase from the club.

v - Saturday Night BBQ & Potluck Dinner & Ice Wagon and Ice Box for daily ice runs.  With the longer event, I'm sure that we will be going through a lot of ice.  One can also put in an order for the store and have it delivered.  We are replacing the shower stall door, fixing the ranges.

As always please RSVP for the BBQ "Potluck" dinner for Saturday Evening and also bring an sizeable side dish and/or dessert.  See everyone down the trail! 

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